Tree Assembly

First, a stalk of a tall tree once logged and fallen off a boat on its’ way to the mill comes to shore on it’s own.
Second, the tree is cut with a chainsaw into pieces for eventual cabin firewood. Third, the tree is taken up the beach stairs and reassembled on the grass by the cabin.

Two lines are left:

One, sawdust lies as evidence of the tree though the cut debris on the rocky beach.

Two, our reassembled tree on the grass high above the beach cuts a lovely swaying line in the green.

This is a research trip; my collaborators, PearlDamour and I have come to Hornby Island off of Vancouver Island to see giant virgin trees, other habitats than our own, and gain some insight into logging issues to prepare for making our piece How To Build A Forest. We had a wonderful host, John Mason, who shared his cabin and his vast knowledge freely with us.