Meditations On The Observable

MEDITATION ON THE OBSERVABLEcasual entomology and the sensation of environment

9 monitors, 9 digital loops, 2015

The clips within these 9 video loops, organized by associative type, were shot mainly throughout the summer in the far north at the border of Canada and the USA, but partially in Louisiana and Alabama. They show a practice of observation that I am deeply engaged in and a building of intimate knowledge of my surroundings that profoundly influences my work and life. Curiosity in and an understanding of what makes up our environment has been a gradually developing and persistent undertaking, particularly since Katrina, when I started to photograph the flora of every environment I visited, including the one I came back to in New Orleans. I have grown to include the insect world and other natural phenomenon in my observations. I believe that for the majority of us, a closer look at what we most often take for granted and do not consider in this vast ecological system we live in would benefit us greatly as a cooperative species of this earth. At first sight much is right in the world, but a closer look reveals the stresses and losses caused by pressures on our fragile home; the land, water and air we, along with millions and millions of other species, rely on to nurture us in every way. This piece is a plea on behalf of the unhailed protagonists, quiet drama and beautiful forces at work in our world.