Lenin Busted

Lenin Busted was made for a show at Barrister’s Gallery in New Orleans where everyone was given a bust of Lenin to do with whatever they wished. I chose to set up the camera, press the ‘on’ button and run into place where I proceeded to take a hammer to the bust. It is a single unedited action/performance video.

Let Them Eat Cake was collaborative project between myself, Courtney EganJames Goedert, and Natalie McLaurin. It was one of three installations the four of us were commissioned to create for the 2012 Sweethearts Ball at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. The video is a straight unedited shot and took place over 3 hours of constant cake eating. The cake was red velvet, with part made the traditional way, and part made with beets, with a cream cheese frosting.

Special thanks to Stacy Hoover and all the cake eaters! You were troopers to the bitter end!