Large Grids of Small paintings

The is first group is a series of many small paintings I call Language. All the paintings in this image gallery are about a language of signs and symbols, some abstract and others not, with the grid format making the parts form the whole; language.

The first many images is of a group of (500) 6" x 9" oil paintings on chroma paper, with details of individual pieces, about original, inherent, intuitive language. It was originally exhibited in full at a Jonathan Ferarra Gallery in New Orleans in 1999, when it was made. They are not shown in full here (the largest grouping here is about 340) but in smaller details, because they have never been completely documented. It has been broken up into many small grids to be sold, and everything sold has been documented. Others await their fate.

The last 3 images in this gallery are all grid groups that have specific conceptual content, while still being of the intuitive world. They are all the same format and media.

156 Underwear was painted for a show in Chicago curated by Robert Blanchon at the former N.A.M.E. Gallery entitled STRIP. It was a serious show about sexuality, with Tom of Findland among the artists included. I was asked to be in this serious show because Robert knew my work as an undergrad exploring the erotic. 156 Underwear was in many ways a response to the seriousness of sexuality, and captures the banal and silly nature of our undergarments. It's also a serious painterly painting. The piece was made during my last months of graduate school at the Maryland Institute.