10000 Eggshells

Eggshells is a piece I did in 2001, and it exists here in a few parts:

1) A video of an action (performance) that took place in my installation

2) An installation of 10,000 eggshells at the Isaac Delgado Gallery in New Orleans, LA. The two images below are, obviously, composite images. The installation was too large for me to document otherwise at the time.

3) Photos of the process of cleaning, drying, transporting, and laying eggshells.

I had been collecting eggshells since grad school. Attracted to the metaphorical possibilities and the delicate strength, this was largely an incomprehensible endeavor to me. Until I decided almost 10 years from the start of collecting that I would do something with them. But I didn’t have enough for what I decided to do. Then I went into high production; for a month I collected weekend brunch eggs from a local restaurant, 90 dozen at a time, and from friends, some of whom worked in bakeries. I dumped them in my bathtub and hand washed them all. I was a veritable eggshell processing plant for an entire month before the installation. It took a week of working everyday with help to lay these eggshells down in 30′ x 30′ square that almost entirely filled the gallery but for a walkway of about 4′ surrounding the piece.

I shot the video before de-installation.

I still collect eggshells.

I am interested in doing this piece again.